Top Reasons Why You Should Visit Taupo, New Zealand

Taupo may be a small town, but it’s full of interesting sights and attractions that suit every type of traveller. Here are the reasons why you should include Taupo on your bucket list the next time you’re in New Zealand.

Serene Environment

Taupo is the perfect sanctuary for travellers who love quiet spells in tranquil environments. You won’t see lots of vehicles, aeroplanes, or skyscrapers here. There are only a few buildings, which are friendly and non-intimidating. Is there another destination that’s perfect for couples who want to prove that love exists? Or maybe you want a calm environment where your children will enjoy and play around without necessarily bumping into others. You’re only greeted by sounds from the Great Lake and birds that hum joyfully in the clear skies.

Taupo is Home to Great Hikes and Rides

Whether you’re in New Zealand or a tourist from another country, the locals and your organisers will tell you that Taupo is home to New Zealand’s most magnificent trails. For example, the famous Waikato River Trail is 100 kilometre and is a dream for every hiking or mountain riding enthusiast. It follows the country’s longest river and traverses a landscape that’s filled with interesting rocks, sandy formations, and native greenery. An alternative to Waikato River Trail is the spectacular Great Lake Trail, which is 71 kilometres long and traverses a myriad of New Zealand’s remote lakeside areas.

Explore New Zealand’s Top Attractions

Ultimately, the main thing that attracts wanderlusts to Taupo is because the town is home to a range of out-of-this-world tourist attractions. Lake Taupo is New Zealand’s largest lake and is found in Taupo. Tongariro National Park, snowy volcanoes, hot springs, crystal-blue cascades, and the marvellous Huka Falls are in Taupo. The country’s biggest commercial skydive zone is in Taupo. And you can see the snow-capped Mount Tongariro, Lake Taupo, and the Central Plateau from this drop-off location.

Good luck with your trip to Taupo.