English Courses

English happens to be the most spoken language globally, with the world becoming more and more connected, English can only continue being the dominant language, especially on the Internet. For anyone looking to sharpen their speaking or writing skills in English, below is a list of schools in Taupo, New Zealand known for offering high-class English courses.

English Language Partners New Zealand

This college boasts of different English lesson packages as they understand each person has different needs. Apart from in-class lessons at the school in Taupo, the school also offers online and at-home sessions for anyone who can’t make it to class. The college has 22 learning centres and is well-staffed with trained tutors.

The Campbell Institute

The Campbell Institute has branches in Auckland and Wellington. It is known as the longest existing English school in New Zealand. The college offers different packages including part-time, full-time and morning or afternoons sessions. Since this school is a bit far from Taupo, there are different accommodation options which are affordable and convenient.

Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology

The college offers short courses for both teachers and students. The courses come in the form of lessons and activity schedules. The classes are tailored to improve a learner’s confidence as well as communication skills. The college also offers accommodation for international students, among other benefits.

New Horizon College

Relatively smaller compared to colleges such as Campbell, New Horizon College is known for offering high-class English courses. The college, located in Napier, a small city located in the east coast of North Island, offers special English courses to people who are 40 years and above. For those in need of one-on-one tuition, the college also offers such sessions for free. It has great facilities such as a dining area, kitchen, student lounge and a library, among others.

This list is not exhaustive, and there are many other colleges offering English courses in Taupo.